The home of Annabelle the tiny elephant and Icarus the moth

Annabelle's Skirting Board Adventure!

The new live show for younger children by Howard Read, creator of Little Howard, co-created and with music by Steve Pretty.


As well as creating and starring in three series of CBBC's factual comedy show Litlte Howard's Big Question Howard Read also writes for Horrible Histories, Gigglebiz, The Furchester Hotel and Danger Mouse.


Steve Pretty is the musical director of Robin Ince's Christmas shows and the Hackney Colliery Band.


Annabelle's Skirtingboard Adventure is made with help from Arts Council England.


11.30am Friday 7th - Sunday 30th August, Just The Tonic at the Community Project (Venue 27th) at

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival


Reviews for Annabelle's Skirting Board Adventure



"Kids loved the interaction with the cast... An exciting elephantastic adventure for young and older kids!"

Famillies Online Edinburgh



"Rather beautifully perched in the bracket of being fun for all ages, including all the parents and carers, it’s a show which is unlikely to be outdone on originality anywhere else on the Fringe."

David Pollock,  The Scotsman

Read full review here





"Wonderfully inventive show... all very silly, very funny and very clever. Younger children may not get all the jokes, but there’s more than enough to keep them occupied visually – and there’s no shortage of fun for grown-ups, either."

Kelly Apter, The List

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"This collaboration uses music, visual comedy, and plenty of all round silliness to tell a sweet little tale of the sorts of adventure you can get up to when climbing a couple of children’s back-packs is a major feat!"



Read full review



"This interactive kids show has a simple concept delivered by performer, storyteller, camera, trumpet and ukelele for a multi-artform treat... Megan was so impressed that she attempted to get to the stage a few times in her keenness to get involved,"

Edinburgh Guide

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"Hilarious family comedy for everyone"

Fest Magazine


Audience Reviews

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"My 3 year old loved it and even my 15 month old grooved along to the music. This is a very clever show full of music, fun, audience participation, and the story is simple but utterly charming. The performers are class acts. Everyone will enjoy the show."

Alex Laing


"Fab, my not quite 3 year old son sat still, enthralled by the whole thing, and enjoyed clapping along too. A charming show for his first fringe experience. And funny for the adults too. What more could you want?"



"Fantastic show for kids. Our 3 year old had a brilliant time and loved the interaction with the cast and the animation. Really recommend the show and adults will be laughing throughout!"



"Brilliantly hilarious family show. Our 3 year old loved it as did the rest of the family. Great jokes and engaging performers together with brilliant animation helped bring the story to life. I laughed so much I had to take my glasses off and praise doesn't come much higher. Five stars!"

Mike Kemp


My 4 year old and 2.5 year old thoroughly enjoyed this show - both sat still throughout which says a lot! Great mix of animation, music, audience participation (but not too much) and humour. Excellent performances. Glad we went to see it.



Very smart and funny show. Original. Mixture of theatre, animation, story telling and comedy. Our 4 and 5 year olds had a great time (as did we). Definitely recommend.

Cathy Q


My 6yo and 8yo loved this show. They were transfixed by Annbelle's adventures and the magic of being able to see her only using the special cameras. The story is both hilarious and heartwarming, and it's all brought to life with the clever animation and great performances by the cast. This is a show that clearly knows how to entertain kids and does it superbly well. We're still singing the songs weeks later and talking about what a great time we all had.

Thalia T














Annabelle News!

Summer Tours and new cartoons

 As well as touring our fabulous shows all over the country with me and  Little Howard Arthur, also known as Howard Read  writes for TV Shows, including the BAFTA-winning Gigglebiz and the Sesame Street/CBeebies show The Furchester Hotel!  Here's one he's been writing it's called Counterfeit Cat and it's on Disney XD. Have a look at times it's on on their website. Be warned it is VERY SILLY.


He is also writing for Horrible Histories and Danger Mouse (including creating the new character Isambard Kingkong Brunel - click here to see what episodes of that are on.


Here are the tour shows of Annabelle's Skirting Board Adventure (aimed at children 3+) and our Little Howard shows (aimed at children 6+).


Annabelle and Little Howard's Summer 2016 Tour Dates



 June 2016


Saturday 18th June, Comedy Club 4 Kids at the Hertford Theatre TICKETS


Friday 24th June, Little Howard's Big Show For Kids, The Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, TICKETS


Saturday 25th June, Little Howard And The Magic Pencil Of Life And Death, The Palace Theatre, Southend On Sea, TICKETS


July 2016


13:30 Saturday 9th July, Comedy Club 4 Kids at The Udderbelly, Southbank, London, TICKETS


16:30 Saturday 9th July, This Is Your Trial For Kids, International Youth Arts Festival, Kingston, INFORMATION


Sunday 10th July, Junior Jesters, Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury, TICKETS


Tuesday 12th July, Little Howard's Big Show For Kids,  International Youth Arts Festival, Kingston, INFORMATION


Saturday 16th July, Annabelle's Skirting Board Adventure, Just For Laughs London TICKETS


Sunday 17th July, Annabelle's Skirting Board Adventure, Just For Laughs London TICKETS


Saturday 23rd July, Annabelle's Skirting Board Adventure, Just For Laughs London TICKETS


Saturday 30th July, Little Howard And The Magic Pencil Of Life And Death, The Pound Arts Centre, Corsham, TICKETS


Sunday 31st July, Little Howard's Big Show For Kids, Winchester Discovery Centre, TICKETS




  • Steve The Storyteller's Van Breaks down...

    Steve The Story Teller, who's in our show didn't have a very lucky trip up to the Edinburgh Fringe.  This happened.



    His lovely camper van broke down! But even worse it had EVERYTHING FROM ARTHUR'S HOUSE IN IT!


    Luckily it broke down in Darlington, so Icarus (who got left in Darlington when he got distracted and flew out of the train) made sure he followed them so they got to Edinburgh safely!



    We're all safely in Edinburgh now, and it's our FIRST SHOW TOMORROW!  I hope you can come. You can buy tickets here


  • Annabelle and Icarus get the train to the Edinburgh Fringe! 3rd August 2015

    To start off with Annabelle and Icarus may have over-packed...



    But luckily Arthur was there to carry it all. Unfortunately Icarus couldn't wait for the buffet car and started eating Arthur's jumper!!!



    So Arthur said they should perhaps get some lunch.  Annabelle chose the Lemon Cake and Icarus ate a seat cushion, which apparently wasn't on the menu...



    And the nice people at Virgin Trains East Coast even put Icarus on the next train when he got distracted and flew out of the doors early at Darlington!



    Tomorrow we'll tell you how the show's set wasn't as lucky with their travel arrangements!




  • Annabelle Visits Edinburgh Botanical Gardens

    Annabelle's been to the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens preparing for her run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!


    Here she is sneaking up on an ant (she's really very small you know!)



    Here she is getting stuck on a lily pad - please help her Icarus!



    And here's Annabelle looking into a massive flower. I hope she doesn't get hayfever. She's only very small but her sneezes are VERY powerful.






  • Annabelle meet's Greyfriar's Bobby! 29 July 2015

    Annabelle is busy getting ready for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She's going to be at a Venue called Just The Tonic At The Community Project, which is just the right size for tiny elephants, just down from the statue of Greyfriar's Bobby, another very brave, very determined little Animal.



    A picture of Annabelle and Icarus inspecting Greyfriar's Bobby.



  • Annabelle at The Udderbelly Festival! 19th July 2015

    Arthur made a film about how we make our show for the Udderbelly Festival.  Here it is!


  • Annabelle Hits Harlow! 13th June 2015

    Annabelle and Icarus visited The Harlow Playhouse today and Arthur took these photos of her and Icarus.



    Arthur found Annabelle on the floor...



    And then nearly ate her in a cucumber sandwich!  And then he fell asleep.



    Next up The Udderbelly Festival!


  • Annabelle's coming to the Udderbelly! June 2015

    And here's a film all about it!


  • How To Speak Trumpish! May 2015